Who was Boudica?

Boudicca (otherwise known as Boudica, Boadicea, Buduica or Bonduca) was the British, Celtic Queen of the Iceni of East Anglia. She is particularly remembered for leading a rebellion against the Romans after her husband Prasutagus died.

Location of modern Norfolk, once inhabited by the Iceni.

    Young Boudicca

If you have any information on Boudica please comment and include link(s). I would like to incorporate this information into the site. There seems to be scant information on her.

Bob A.

7 Responses to “Who was Boudica?”

  1. Alexis Ainsworth Says:

    Bob, just saw your response to my communication on the other website – am not clear on “use this URL…” – did you mean ‘this address, i.e. Queen Boudicca’ or the other? I’m playing it safe and using this one to forward three of the most informative websites ‘in English’ – for a start. I have several more in my bookmarks but haven’t opened them for awhile. The 1st and 2nd below are better than the 3rd.



  2. Alexis Ainsworth Says:

    Thursday 2-11-10

    Bob – an update re Boudicca. I’ve pulled up a number of French and even Latin articles that are more expansive than what appears in English – though, some of the same sites come up in English. I am translating some, to put into a small data base for you – while, considering a post of my own; to me, raw data is more interesting if put into a relevant context. We’ll see – if I am comfortable with it, I’ll forward it. Meanwhile, I think you’ll be pleased with the data that I’ll forward.
    Alexis A.

  3. Alexis Ainsworth Says:

    2-11-10 Again

    Bob, F.Y.I – I’ve just had a technological ‘l’epiphanie’ ! I was amazed today when googling Boudicca in English to find a bunch of websites that were not there two days ago – and, realized the reason they are now avaialble in English is that they are the same sites that I’ve researched in French during the past 48 hours. These, new ones in English, are those that I was able to use Google to translate before opening them – and, they have remained in English on Google. Those that I am translating myself because there was no Google option to translate them in the directory, are still not appearing in English on Google. You may want to browse a plethora of new sites now avaialble in English – some are terrific and certainly a lot more info than what was available before this in English. As said, there are many more in French or Latin only. Will organize and get back to you.

    I’ve read about Boudicca in French for years – and, love an excuse to get back to the subject.


  4. Alexis Ainsworth Says:


    Is there an email address to which I could forward a link to some exclltn data? If so, please email me at lombardinvestments@earthlink.net

  5. Tanner Piner Says:

    What beautiful creatures. Mr Landis your film is marvelous, beyond words. Thank you.

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